1. chatte-georgiana said: Hun, i’d definitely give it a try! And OMG you’re so talented!! Making a game all by yourself, sheeesh! You’re a grenius!

    Dear, thank you so so much for these nice words!!! I’m far away from being a genius, but words like that really makes me want to finish this and make sure you can all enjoy it :D Thank you so much for the feedback!

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  1. Updates on the NaruSaku game

    Hey yo! Do you guys still remember the little game I started last year?

    (If not, here a screenshot)

    I’m trying to get it finished, but it’s a bit hard to do because I don’t have much freetime and motivation to do so, also some other projects are occupion me more these days. (Baaad me, never able to finish something T.T)
    But yesterday I started again, made soem little changed and thought how I could motivate myself to finish this. SO I will ask some questions x)
    Are people even still interested in  that game? 

    When would you wish this to be finished?

    Should I update the art style?

    Would some people like to review it when it’s finished/maybe record it like a let’s play?

    So, if you have the time and interest, I would love some feedback! Love you guys! 

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  2. chatte-georgiana:

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  3. Anonymous said: I checked cloudnin's tumble, and her brother posted a message saying she is OK, but has been hospitalized for her wounds.


    SHIT!! Thanks for letting us know!

    Oh jesus, so she really tried?! OMG! D:

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  4. photo








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  5. chatte-georgiana:

    Ruin what?

    My website. xD

    Make some breaks while working hun. It will help you get a clearer head ;)

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